In the Flow -w/ recipe

On a love mission, from Sahara, Morocco to Normandie, France. Two days of travel with my soul dad, Simon. Freshly inspired to do whatever I want however I want. Kickass millionaire-father-of-12, good human with a big heart and a fast car we ZOOOOM into the setting sun. Fueled on good conversations, driving until the tire pops. Only an hour borrowed from our race across the Mediterranean countries. The soul travels faster when it’s in the direction of a big love mission.

Maybe, baby. But all is perfect in this spacey race through cosmic cement and intergalactic tollways. I learn allll about my new dad, his children, his life and dreams, mother and father, passions and recipes. Born in Punjab, raised in the UK, he shares his love of Indian cuisine. Curious? I shall divulge…

Thinly sliced onions- cook in oil until caramelized. Throw in chopped garlic. Add finely diced ginger and tiny potent Indian red chlli peppers. Add chick peas and maybe diced potatoes. Cook before they go creamy. Turn off heat. Add cilantro and let steam for a hot min. Enjoy with fresh yogurt and chapati or naan bread <3

Hendrikje and I pop off the ferry from Africa to Europe and within 7 minutes we are in a supa fresh fancy car with an incredibly kind and grounded dude who is going alll the way to England and can drop me off in my lover’s village in France. We leave Hendrikje at a gas station where she continues on her way to the Rainbow Gathering in Portugal…

Hedrikje’s drop off point. She continued on to hitchhike to Portugal, and I continued north…

Shaken Up

Dear God,

I have found myself in a heart binding quagmire. It has come to my attention that neglecting/consciously choosing to stop paying my 8 year loan may have severe repercussions. They could possibly go ahead and freeze Poppop’s checking account for 3 months…

This is too much stress for my ill Poppop and sweet Bubby. But I am finally- for once in my life- living completely for ME. Following my dreams and paying for my own life. And now my new found freedom directly hurts my loved ones. Therefore hurts me.

I must take care of this.

So what can I really do? What would nourish my heart and soul the most? Make art… interact with people… show love to and help my beautiful family… If this checking account threat is for reals then… I catch a plane back to DC, cut hair and make art until I raise enough to live freely… Maybe live with Bubby & Poppop and take them on walks and stuff… Somehow find happiness amongst these challenges. Commit to a yoga practice, daily salads, improv and wonderful friends… exchanges of healing and when the time is right, go back into nature and live happily ever after… Perhaps my karma is to return to DC until I find peace and freedom there. I surrender to the universe and trust that happiness is within.

Soooo everything is completely and utterly unknown yet again. All I know is there’s nothing to worry about… happiness is within… everything’s going to be alright always alright already alright…

In the midst of freeflow, full of love, full-on trust, mind-blowing heart-opening experiences, I receive a panicked message from my mom about my grandparents financial security at stake because I recently decided to stop paying my loans and let it all go in trust. They had co-signed for me when I was 17 years old and thus repercussions legally fell back on them, so everyone says. I remember feeling so distraught to hear that my family was in peril, as their suffering at my expense is not an option for me, and I imagined my freedom and joy were at stake. I soothed myself and allowed for creative brainstorming to unfold, where I felt trust that I can do things that nourish me to make the money to finish paying off loans.

*by the way, pregnancy test came back negativo.

Silent Seas

I sink my body into silky sand, soft dunes of satin, warm as a tropical sea, dry as Gandhi’s flip flops. A spiritual bath within on this waterless beach, dark skin covered in powdery earth. Mother Earth, Mother Earth. But this looks a bit like the moon. No time, except for the shadows, painting snakey streaks forever as the day is long, stretching and coiling in the dance of thermal energy. Where the wind can move mountains of sand across the ocean of desert. Dunes, they call ’em. Silent seas ‘cept for proud palm trees waving like seaweed. Where the camels run free and water is a blessing you really give thanks for. Thank you, water. Thank you, life.

so many hours over so many days which became weeks, i would lay in the fluffy sand where i would awake from. the secret life of the desert slowly revealing itself to me. sometimes venture to the nearby dunes. body-surfing down them, rolling and sliding like it were a mountain of dry hot snow. it truly is another world.

Live Free ~ Die Happy

This is the life I choose to live. Sweet desert women take our hands and lead us through the rocky sand, across a stream with dozens of tiny green frogs, jumping like grasshoppers when we cross. Into lush gardens of beanstalks, wheat, palm tree, carrots & a fruiting fig tree we wander. Under heads wrapped in scarves, long crimpy curls reveals, shy with giggles as our Muslim mama lets her hair down, sharing her hidden beauty with us, her new daughters. Dance party follows, primitive radio, Berber music, six women shakin their booties, bellies & breasts like wild women of Africa, wild women of the Earth. I dreamed of this moment. Grandma comes in, clapping, smiling, joining our spontaneous dance party until the electricity can’t keep up, and we plop down laughing, panting, spilling with joy.

“Morocco is a dangerous place where bad people want to do bad things to you” they told me. Dear family, a fearful mind is the most dangerous thing of all, for a caged life is worse than death.

I feel so thankful for these experiences. Inspiring & beautiful, real life is freakin amazing. Indeed, there were certainly some scary moments in Morocco, throughout all of my travels actually, where fear arose and my intuition would warn me to keep my eyes open, to sniff the air, to feel my body and sense the present moment. Or sense inwards, as I am learning, and see what it is I need to feel really good. Often, as is the human condition, we chase around the day avoiding the simple powerful experience of just sitting, breathing, allowing the strong emotions or sensations to arise in a quiet space, so that we may see them and honor our experience fully. Perhaps listening to the messages to allow for change in some way, or to breathe in deeply and be here now. Listen to the breath, even if you cannot bear to sit and ‘meditate’ (as though it’s some mystical impossible guru-only experience, tis’nt), simply listen, feel, breathe, and hold the tiny animal of your body in the enormous vessel of your heart.

The Journey Unknown

Took a pregnancy test this morning. Climbed a tree as I waited the 3 minutes for the result. You’ll never guess the outcome.


Unknown. Like this journey. Totally unknown.

Driving down a dirt road, trying to reflect and process the moments that make up my present transformation as the experience keeps on rolling. The green blur of fauna blankets the panoramic desert scene, trees with bad hair days, glowing blue mountains framing everything. Everything. To Zagora we fly…

So apparently the pregnancy test that we had been carrying around for several months and I waiting oh so patiently to take, built up the courage for, finally felt ready to face the reality one way or another, yeah it didn’t even work. I remember that morning, walking out to the deserty fields truly in the middle of nowhere, past the goats, approaching sole tree to squat and take the test, breathing deeply, feeling my heart beating in excitement and nervousness… and then it was blank. Ha!!! We were so far away from a town or city with a pharmacy it wasn’t for another 5 days that I obtained a fresh test… Results to be shared soon…

Travel Magic

Do you remember the time that our travel magic got sooo crazy, our manifestation wishes sooo instantaneous that our big awesome pirate ship bus hitchhike ride offered to give us the Red Pearl- if you drive with him to India first? Woah… Is this real life? Because when I woke up this morning it was so silent I could hear the subtlest tones of sound like a singing bowl in the wind. Just the dancing of tall oasis plants, not even rustling, just dancing ever so gently. Ahh and then the morning birds chirped and a single car passed. A busy bee. A laughing donkey. Chirp. Buzz. HeeHAW.

I still remember the big bumble bee buzzing past, vibrations up my spine… Yes, the magic that we carry, to truly paint our reality, comes from within. To surrender to what IS with gratitude, love and presence, this is purity. To be clear in one’s dreams, clear in one’s mind, with no expectations, is to allow the blessings to rain down; this is power. We get what we wish for, but aaaalways with a twist. Remember that.

Sahara Dreams

Rolling mountains like ocean waves along the horizon. Black goat family running through a sea of purple desert flowers.

Once upon a time, your mama lived on a desert pirate ship called the Red Pearl. We were welcomed aboard by a free love captain, a kind of dreadlocked man with seashells in his long mane of brownish grey tentacles. We sailed the dunes of the Sahara together, him, me and my soul sister, Hendrikje.

The desert mountains, enormous waves, dried still in space and time, I would climb upon when we docked for the night. Sweet moonlight shone onto my sleeping space- a flat softish earth bed under the open sky- sister moon sets over the horizon as the sun climbs his own way above the mountains. The wind blows strong, my hair grows long, dreams become wilder every night.

our desert pirate ship cap’t

The desert princesses are kind in this magical sand sea, painting us in henna, dried leaves ground in an old stone dohickey turning round and round making meditative circles with their hands. The ports of tea created by a gentle witch disguised as a grandma, pours and decants the elixir as though pot and liquid are alive. Transformations all around. Today is the small village’s market day- a traditional Berber souq to be discovered yet.

My reality felt very much like a story from a book of fairy tales. Still fantasizing myself with child, I wrote it all out as I was truly feeling it: full of magic and wonder. Our small pirate crew was often invited into the homes of local families, where they would take us in and share so much with us. My mind and heart were constantly surrendered open to the beauty, kindness and mesmerisingly exotic handmade experiences all around us.

Full moon ~ First days of Spring

writings from Morocco, many years ago, perhaps 5…

Life moves fast

panoramic views fly past

Just this morning the moon set over the ocean and turned the whole sea silver, every moment pregnant with magic and wonder. Even the washed up shells clink like crystal under my determined feet. Walking up mountains as though my DNA codes for it. I’m just your average ninja fairy on the fool’s journey, listening to the wisdom in the wind. “Life makes love makes life” the birds whistle to the bees. “Baby” I write on a round bellied rock with a pearly white shell at the top of a small flowery mountain overlooking sand & surf like a scene from Paradise. Baby? Maybe.

The only thing better than a great lover is a great friend. Orgasms are wonderful, really. But the friend that can make you laugh when life isn’t funny is a treasure. It’s beautiful to make sweet sweet love until your cells sing, but golden is the helping hand that pulls you up from the toughest moments on the mountain you are climbing together. We may get blisters on different parts of our different feet, but the pleasure we feel from the hot scrubby hammam session after the trek is one in the same.

So here’s to you, friend, and all of our shared moments of river baths, bonfire singalongs, coconut bliss melty chocolate amlou date love. I love every inch and mood of you.

These writings come from an adventure in which Hendrikje and I had somehow been scooped up by a desert pirate ship while trying to hitchhike through the Sahara desert. A moment in which life was incredibly inspiring, driving along the coast, days full of simple pleasures and physical challenges. I thought perhaps I was pregnant at the time, but I was simply full of imagination, couscous and vegetable tajine.

Back Online.

I am reconnecting to the world of keyboards and the power of virtual self-expression. After throwing my hands up and taking a deep breath, stepping away for a long hiatus from blogging, I am returning to this path as the forces that be guide me to share. As the forces that be guide me to share… yes this is how I am feeling. In the presence of deep transformation, having found new wings of freedom from the inside out, I am excited to open up and share with you what treasures of heart I have found. Along with new art, poetry, and story time from your favorite cosmic gypsy warrior princess to You.

With love and gratitude, I thank you for being here. May my words and expressions be of service to you and your journey of self-discovery.



photography by Anthon Smith

I returned to my birthlands from the depths of Sicilian eco-village life. Many months off-grid, living in a beautiful cave, learning to work with clay and cob, building my own bed, wood burning stove, playing with mosaic art, picking persimmons and juicy blood oranges every day, lots & lots of oranges, wild greens, spicy edible mustard flowers. Re-entering the world of technology and dates and times, grocery stores, photoshoots, blenders and television series is truly an experience in and of itself. I am finding my balance in this dance of life. In every dimension which I gracefully sashay or stumble into. The ultimate rhythm I am tuning into is self-empowerment. Self-love. Listening, opening, hearing the natural songs playing from within. Slow down today. Stretch. Drink more water. Have a play in the sun. Remember to breathe. These are the splashes of signals which chirp from inside me. Sometimes screaming like a baby neglected to be heard when I do not listen with loving care. Forgiving the symptoms of non-presence. Giving thanks to the cycles which orbit within & without. So much love for the moon. So why on earth is there a picture of me with a gas mask in a dilapidated asylum? First of it– it’s freakin cool aiy!? Yeah it was a crazy day of mustering the courage to free my bare skin in the dead of Maryland winter, still tan from the months spent basking in the Sicilian sun, and come into the moment, the artistic expression. Post apocalyptic¬† energies. What happens when we don’t listen to our cycles? To the calling of the earth to take good care of our mother. Air. Water. Lands. This is our home. Whether I am living in a forest, jungle village, or in a 1st world standard home with hot water and real wifi, I am home. So give thanks, the voice inside gently pips. Give thanks for the life all around. Take care of this body temple. Honor my flesh as I honor my heart as I honor my mind as I honor the Spirit which animates my Being. Thank you <3 Grazie

photography by friend&creator Dave Myles